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A thorough house examination is important to complete step for determining appropriate mouse control methods. With this action, you’ll be able to know the type of infesting rodent (rodents, roof rat or Norway rat) and extent of invasion. The most notable sign is the existence of fecal pellets, which vary based on species. For instance; the roof rat fecal pellets tend to be larger than that of rats and Norway rat . Regarding population size, the more fecal pellets you have encountered in the house, a lot more severe is the rodent infestation. 

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Mention some of the nuisance producing home pests and you’ll come across rats in the top rated list. Once infested, they’re very difficult to deal with. They contaminate food stocks, distribute illnesses and lead to damages to cloths, footwear, electrical wires, home furniture, etc. In fact, there is almost nothing in the house that are left untouched by these mammalian unwanted pests. 

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Implementing do-it-yourself mouse control tips at the initial sign of invasion works well with regard to managing these harmful unwanted pests. Some of the rodent control techniques are closing off entry ways, proper food storage space, home sanitation (indoor and outdoor) and laying traps. 

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